About Me

Name: Jo-Anne
Position: Owner & Lead Designer
 Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Personality: ISFP, Sacral Generator

I am a caffeine addicted, troubleshooting ninja, with a keen eye for website design and technical jargon.

I love working with business owners, to bring to life their online business and help them grow.

My super powers include:

  • WordPress design and development for small businesses who want to be found online by their target audience
  • Email marketing setup, integration & automation
  • Creating systems, automations and organisation within your business
  • Website diagnostics
  • Business development

Away from the desk...

When i’m not working, you’ll probably find me at home with my family (my partner, and our 3 children, aged 1, 5 & 10). 

As if 3 kids isn’t enough 😅 – we also have 2 spoilt cats and a beautiful golden retriever pup. Our lives are a beautiful chaos, and every day is different. 

Ultimately, flexibility around my family is what lead me into doing what I do.

I’ve been where you are now. I hear you. 

I’ve walked the line of wanting desperately to leave my corporate job, where management had little regard for family. I’ve doubted my ability time and time (and time) again… I’ve worried about when my next pay cheque was coming in, and if it would cover the bills… 

I’ve been there, I’ve done it, i’ve got the t-shirt (as my dad would say).

I’ve made mistakes by the truck load… but i’ve also learnt a lot. 

And here I am… to help you to walk the same path, without making the same mistakes. 

Web design is my superpower, but helping women navigate the road to finding freedom from the 9-5 is my absolute passion. So consider me your left hand woman from here on in…. 

Here’s to your future successes!

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